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Led by industry experts and delivered online and in-person throughout the year, our extensive Training and Events programme spans five categories with sessions ranging from short webinars to two-day training courses. C&BS members enjoy free places and discounted rates, so make sure you make the most of your membership or, if you haven’t already joined our community, sign up today!

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Tiu Makkonen, 2017

Legacy giving – now is the time if you do it right!

From triggering interest to cultivating prospects, this excellent four-hour crash course on integrating legacy giving into your fundraising programme (at little or no cost!) is delivered by legacy specialist Richard Radcliffe.

Coming soon | 11am - 3pm | Online

Mihaela Bodlovic, 2019

Introduction to Fundraising

New to the fundraising environment and look information, insight and advice? This introductory live classroom online course, led by Pam Judson, gives you the best possible foundations for framing your big ‘ask’.

Coming soon | 10.30am - 4.30pm | Anderson Strathern 1 Rutland Court Edinburgh EH3 8ES

Andrew Perry, 2020

How to fundraise effectively from trusts and foundations

If you’re planning to pursue funding from trusts and foundations – whether you’ve prior experience or not – Pam Judson provides expert insight and advice over two highly enjoyable, in-depth sessions.

Coming soon (January 2024) | Online

Mihaela Bodlovic, 2019

Marketing, fundraising and data protection laws: keeping yourself right

Obtaining personal data is very valuable for marketing goods and services, however, the question of what you can and cannot legally do with this data remains complex. Expert Laura Irvine (Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP) dives deep into the subject and gives practical tips and advice. 

Coming soon | Online

Mihaela Bodlovic, 2022

Tax update for the culture sector – VAT matters

As tax issues continues to change and challenge the finances of organisations in the culture sector, Scott Craig (Azets) regularly provides essential insight as well as highlighting issues and opportunities.


Coming soon | 12pm - 1pm | Online

Mihaela Bodlovic, 2019

Data protection and marketing update

Obtaining personal data is very valuable for marketing goods and services, however, the question of what you can and cannot legally do with this data remains complex. Expert, Laura Irvine (Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP) provides the facts.

Tuesday 5 December | 12pm - 1pm | Online

Andrew Perry, 2020

Cyber security and protecting your business

Cyber attacks are increasing across all sectors and becoming more sophisticated. Are you protected? Laura Irvine (Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP) explores the threats and the simple steps organisations can take to protect themselves online.

Coming soon | 12pm - 1pm | Online

Mihaela Bodlovic, 2019

Understanding intellectual property (IP) laws

We’re working with Anderson Strathern to develop a session explaining the different types of intellectual property (IP) most commonly applicable in the arts and heritage community, and how to protect your intellectual property, particularly on the internet.

Coming soon | Online

Andrew Perry, 2020

The role of the Board in fundraising

Fundraising is an important item on any board agenda in the culture sector and key to the success of the organisation. As a trustee, how can you help and what do you need to know? Catriona Reynolds gives essential guidance in this two-hour session. 

Coming soon | Online

Sandy Young, 2023,

Board development for the culture sector

Our bespoke development sessions provide an opportunity to take time out from day-to-day board business and focus on key governance issues.

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