C&BS Fair Work Commitment Statement

Culture & Business Scotland is committed to ensuring fairness, equity, and integrity in all employment practices. Our approach to fair work is comprehensive, encompassing direct employees, agency workers and subcontractors engaged in delivery with Culture & Business Scotland.

Real Living Wage Assurance

Culture & Business Scotland pledge to pay at least the Real Living Wage (RLW) to all direct employees, agency works and subcontractors, and in line with future growth, and believe that remuneration should reflect the real cost of living, supporting our staff and challenging income inequality.

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

Culture & Business Scotland is committed to creating an inclusive environment that reflects the wider community’s diversity. We implement targeted recruitment and retention practices to improve staff diversity at all levels. We are also committed to engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders and business support when procuring business support directly for Culture & Business Scotland.

Skills and Training

Culture & Business Scotland is committed to continuous personal development of personnel, supporting skills development and training, ensuring personal and professional growth.

Employment Practices

Culture & Business Scotland stands firmly against exploitative employment practices. We do not engage in the inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts or any form of precarious employment practices that undermine job security including opposed to fire and hire practices. We endeavour to support family-friendly working practices, flexible working and career breaks from day one of employment.

Engagement and Empowerment

Staff engagement is paramount. Culture & Business Scotland have arrangements in place for trade union representation where possible, or otherwise, implement alternative systems to ensure all staff have an effective voice within the organisation.

We believe that fair work practices are not just a legal obligation but a moral one. Through the implementation of the above policies and practices, Culture & Business Scotland will ensure that duties carried out uphold our high standards for fairness, opportunity, and respect in all engagements.

1 March 2024