C&BS Environmental Policy

1. Introduction
1.1 Culture & Business Scotland (C&BS) is aware of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations. As part of this, we aim for utmost efficiency in our operations and promote environmentally considerate behaviour by those with whom we are associated.
1.2 This environmental policy addresses four areas in which C&BS takes practical steps to reduce our impact on the environment:
· transport
· waste
· resource use
· energy use
Further to this, this policy addresses C&BS’s promotion of environmental awareness through our work and contact with other organisations.
1.3 C&BS will offer environmental education to our employees if this is deemed necessary.

2. Transport
2.1 C&BS advocates policies aimed at reducing the need to travel. As part of this, we will avoid making transport trips wherever this is practicable and appropriate (eg. by use of video conferencing).
2.2 Those trips that are necessary should be taken by the most sustainable modes of transport, wherever these are available. Trips by the least sustainable modes should be avoided, wherever possible.
2.3 C&BS recognises the following sustainable transport hierarchy (most sustainable first):
· walking
· cycling
· public transport (tram, bus, rail, ferry, ship)
· taxi
· hire car
· private car
· air transport
2.4 Staff who require to make trips by air transport on company business should beforehand seek the permission of the Chief Executive.
2.5 Staff travel is logged and monitored and included within measurements of our carbon footprint.
Please also refer to Staff Handbook, section 7. Environmental Awareness and section 9. Expenses.

3. Waste
3.1 C&BS recognises the sustainable waste hierarchy: Reduce – Re-use – Recycle.
3.2 Reduce: We will avoid consumption of resources where such activity is wasteful or unnecessary.
3.3 Re-use: We will seek to re-use materials where this is appropriate (eg. re-using stationery).
3.4 Recycle: We will recycle as high a proportion of waste materials as is reasonably practicable.
3.5 Waste is measured and logged and included within measurements of our carbon footprint.

4. Resource use
4.1 C&BS recognises the need to reduce consumption of materials created using unsustainable processes, and that this should be reflected in our purchasing policies.
4.2 Paper: We will specify a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled paper for all print jobs and shall discriminate against printers who are unable or unwilling to provide recycled papers. Purchase decisions should aim, as far as possible, to reflect the post-consumer waste print specification.
4.3 Office equipment and stationery: Where feasible, and in particular for major purchases, we will examine the environmental credentials of products and their manufacturers, and use this to inform purchase decisions.
4.4 Food and catering: Purchase decisions shall favour foodstuffs produced locally and those using environmentally sustainable practices (eg. organic production).

5. Energy use
5.1 C&BS is committed to the reduction of climate change emissions. As part of this policy, we will take steps to reduce the organisation’s overall energy use.
5.2 As far as is possible, we shall reduce the wasteful use of energy, and take practical measures to achieve this (eg. switching off unused electrical equipment, such as lights and computers, and setting heating at appropriate levels).
5.3 Where possible, we shall purchase electricity and heating from producers who offer ‘green energy’ tariffs (eg. those that favour renewable energy production, and/or that support energy conservation/efficiency).
5.4 Energy use is logged and included within measurements of our carbon footprint.

6. Environmental awareness promotion
6.1 C&BS shall offer digital webinars and outreach training to organisations to encourage the reduction of emissions by reducing travel needs.
6.2 C&BS shall offer digital/electronic resources and training materials to reduce environmental impact.
6.3 C&BS shall promote environmental awareness through our use of environmentally conscious venues, advertising materials, supplies and services.
6.4 C&BS shall record and monitor our operations to ensure the highest level of efficiency of operations is achieved.

Reviewed: 22 February 2023

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